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Flexible Insulated Copper Busbars
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Flexible Insulated Copper Busbars

Product Description


Flexible insulated copper busbars consist of several layers of uncoated or tinned coopper strips and are insulated with flexible high quality PVC or TPE. TPE has the features of LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen).

The flexible insulated copper busbars are easy to be processed and mounted as the copper strips move freely inside the insulation and therefore the busbars has the high bending and twisting characteristics. Besides, the flexible insulated copper busbars can bear higher current than other conductors of the same cross sectional area. Then, it saves the materials, and weight and layout space.

Production Standard: GB/T5023


Material: C11000 copper strip, copper content ≥ 99.95%

Single Strip Thickness: 0.8mm


Finish: no plating, tin plating

Insulating Material: PVC, TPE

Insulation Color: Black



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