Bare Copper Foil Laminated Connectors

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Bare copper foil laminated connectors are made of thick copper foil as the raw material, and the copper foil lamination is pressed together, and is melted and melted by high-current heating of the polymer diffusion welding machine. Another method of copper foil laminated connectors are to press the copper foil laminate together and use silver-based brazing solder to form a butt weld with the flat copper block. Bare copper foil connectors are mainly used for copper busbars and power generation.


Bare copper foil laminated connectors are an excellent condoctor, so the laminated copper foil connectors are normally used in new-energy vehicles, switchgear industries, power plants, cathodic protection, bus ducts, transformer, vacuum circuit breaker, resistance welding engineering, electric locomotives and furnaces,etc.

Bare Copper Foil Laminated Connectors