Copper Braided Bonding Jumper

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The copper braided bonding jumper used for anti-static grounding. The BRIDGOLD cable tray jumper is made of oxygen-free copper, without direction requirements, high purity, high copper content, corrosion resistance, and ultra-low resistance. The value makes the anti-static jumper wire particularly safe and efficient.

The custom copper braided bonding jumper first determines the three elements, namely length, width and aperture, and then the materials selected according to their needs can be divided into red copper and tinned copper. Tinned copper has better corrosion resistance than bare copper, and the remaining uses and advantages are the same of. If it is used in general anti-static places, 4mm², 6mm0² and 10mm² are enough.

The BRIDGOLD copper braided bonding jumper is used at the junction of two cable tray, and it can serve the purpose of leakage protection. The tinned connecting plate can be used as a jumper between the tinned copper braided bonding jumpers. The cable tray can be integrated into the two connecting bolts at both ends of the connecting plate. The tinned layered cable tray should be installed first, then install the upper layer, then install the lower layer, lower layer There should be a margin between the distances, which is conducive to later cable laying and maintenance.