Honda R&D visiting Bridgold Company

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After many years of cooperation with BRIDGOLD and in order to start a new big item, the Chief Engineer Mr Mitsuaki Hirakawa and other two engineers Mr Yasuto Watanabe and Mr Takashi Tominaga from the famous enterprise HONDA R& D visited  BRIDGOLD on March 13rd,2015 .

Mr Mitsuaki Hirakawa, the Chief Engineer,  introduced their newly developed  item Electrical Vehicle (EV), which adopts new energy instead of  gasoline and will reduce much pollution. Honda R&D visiting Bridgold Company

HONDA told us that our products Flexible Braided Copper Connector is very important to the EV and appreciated  that the quality of Flexible Braided Copper Connector BRIDGOLD provides for them was really good. The engineers from both HONDA and BRIDGOLD also discussed about the detailed specifications and how to improve the performance of the Flexible Braided Copper Connector. Honda R&D visiting Bridgold Company

After the meeting, the HONDA customers visited  BRIDGOLD’S workshops, including wire drawing workshop, wire tinning workshop, wire brading workshop, wire stranding workshop, pressing and punching workshop and wire connector processing workshop.  They wire very amazed at the machines, as we adopt high-speed and high-quality advanced processing machines. 

This visit starts the cooperation between HONDA and BRIDGOLD, and BRIDGOLD CEO said it was great honour that HONDA vistied us, and look forward to a better future.