New Energy Automotive Flexible Laminated Copper Shunt

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On July 2nd 2019, the World New Energy Vehicle Conference was held in Hainan. Xi Jinping pointed out that with the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the new energy automobile industry is entering a new stage of accelerated development.

The Bridgold laminated copper shunt is just one of the spare parts of new energy vehicles. The choice of Bridgold is trustworthy.

  1. Bridgold’s production of new energy automotive flexible laminated copper shunt using copper foil T2 , the surface of nickel - plated or nickel plated , nickel - plated thickness can meet the automotive thickness requirements.
  2. The insulation protection layer is PVC sleeve. The working temperature range of the product is: -40 degrees to 85 temperature, storage environment temperature temperature is : -40 degrees to 95 degrees.

New Energy Automotive Flexible Laminated Copper Shunt