Copper Laminated Connector - Connected by Bridgold

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Material: T2(C11000) copper foil, single foil thickness 0.05-0.20mm

TU2(C10100) copper foil, single foil thickness 0.03mm-0.3mm

Welding method: Molecular diffusion welding method: adopt special welding machine to press and heat the foils with each other according to the welding area, then the contact area is shaped. This avoids higher contact resistance problem by other welding methods.

Silver brazing method: weld the work-pieces of different shapes into one piece by filling silver braze material into the gap of the work-pieces. This welding method is used to weld the flexible laminated connectors of non-standard shape to realize the installation and to reduce the processing cost.

Copper Laminated Connector - Connected by Bridgold

Features: flexible laminated copper connectors own excellent flexible conductivity. The press welding method ensures the connectors with better electric current concentrating effect, and the overload capacity of flexible laminated copper connectors is 1.2 times that of hard copper bus bars. The product eliminates the hidden security risk due to the damage to contact electrodes caused by uneven installation surface and its stress effect, and meanwhile, avoids the fasteners from getting loose during the running process of the vehicles, which may cause bad conductivity of the battery pack.

Copper Laminated Connector - Connected by Bridgold