Lithium Batteries Factory Direct Laminated Copper Busbar

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There are many power aluminum battery electrical socket connectors on the market, but the common one is copper foil connector. Bridgold lithium battery laminated copper busbars use 0.1mm thick T2 copper foil and is formed by molecular diffusion welding technology. nickel plating on the surface and PVC insulation, which can provide high current conductivity for the power battery, and has a good heat dissipation effect, which can eliminate stress and torsion.

Lithium Batteries Factory Direct Laminated Copper Busbar

Acceptance standard of lithium batteries laminated copper busbar:

  1. Appearance: The surface of the insulating sleeve has no scratches, no processing residues, no grease stains, no cracking marks, and no penetrating scratches. The insulating sheath must not be cracked, glue falling off, or broken.

2. The lithium battery laminated copper busbar base material should be complete, no notches, sharp corners, no burrs protruding; the electroplating layer does not have skin, no cracking traces, leakage, incomplete electroplating, blistering and other electroplating problems.

3. When the product is delivered, it must meet the design requirements of the drawings, and meet the requirements of the electric battery assembly and the vehicle distribution device. The laminated copper busbar is mainly used to connect the power battery module, high-voltage components and connectors. Insulate, make the connection circuit of each part of the power battery normal.

Lithium Batteries Factory Direct Laminated Copper Busbar

The safety and stability of the copper flexible connection of the Bridgold lithium battery laminated copper busbars electric vehicle must be strictly enforced by the relevant national regulations, and each product must be strictly tested and inspected, so as to ensure the safety of the product, as a professional Bridgold has a strict management system and production process as well as its own testing laboratory to respond to the needs of the new energy automobile industry with high-quality products.