Flange Jumper

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Comm: flange jumper; electrostatic flange jumper

Application: it is used in flammable and explosive places, in order to prevent the generation of power and static electricity spark. People usually use better conductive metal to connect flange, which are suitable as earthing tapes for the pipes and equipment.  The flange has generally anti-corrosion treatment.

Material: C11000 copper braid with solderless pressed terminals

Process: Press crimping

Regular Specification: Φ12、Φ14、Φ16、Φ18、Φ20、Φ22、Φ24、Φ27、Φ30、Φ33、Φ35、Φ38、Φ40mm.  The regular copper cross section is 6mm2, and length is unlimited.  Customer only need to tell us the total length and the hole size.

BRIDGOLD provides customization for special dimension, shapes and structure.

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