Warm congratulations to Bridgold for getting TS16949 certification

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Recently there is good news that Bridgold has passed and obtained ISO/TS16949 certification successfully, which is a certificate of the international automotive industry technical specification.

With more and more products introduced into auto parts industry, auto enterprises expressly indicate that if the companies do not obtain ISO/TS16949 certification, it means the loss of supplier qualification. In order to conform to time development and meet our own needs, Bridgold started to prepare TS16949 application from last year.

Through contacting with the certification company, we sorted out and rectified production and quality management records, including internal review and management review of the complete record from 2015 to 2016.  Through our several months efforts, Bridgold copper foil connectors, flexible copper connectors, copper busbars and copper litz wire are suit for the whole auto vehicle factory and auto parts manufacturer.  Bridgold owns abilities of processing and manufacturing, and enables to get value-added products through the realization of these abilities.  Finally, we got TS16949:2009 certification on Oct.11th, 2016.

We believe that Bridgold will have a bright future.