New Energy Vehicle Copper Laminated Shunts for Lithium Battery

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Cars are our walking tools. No matter they are new energy, hybrid or gasoline vehicles, they are equipped with batteries. The power output and input of these batteries need a copper laminated shunts with a good conductivity and excellent performance in all aspects. BRIDGOLD produces new energy vehicle copper laminated shunts for lithium battery. It is professionally customized and tailored for various types of lithium batteries. So why choose custom copper foil links for lithium batteries?

In the process of driving a car, there are often vibrations caused by road bumps. There is a battery pack in the car. If the battery pack uses a dedicated laminated copper shunt for power input and output, which it is not easy to pry the battery connection column in such an environment. The laminated copper shunt are made of multiple pieces of copper foil superimposed and welded. The soft characteristics make it a flexible connection between him and the battery. We all know that if it is connected to the battery column like a hard copper bus bar, the other end is fixed, and the lever principle will be formed in a bumpy environment, which will pry out the battery connection parts and cause power to be unable to be supplied.

The customized copper laminated shunts for lithium battery are flexible and saves space or has a great effect. Each space of the car is limited. We need to install a set of power batteries in this limited space that is sufficient for our driving power. Don't waste a little space. Our customized laminated copper shunt can be customized according to your requirements and the distance between the battery packs.