Benefits of BGTJR Flexible Copper Stranded Wires

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BRIDGOLD flexible copper stranded wires are made from its advanced twisting technology and twisted in accordance with national standards. Copper stranded wires can be used in electrical installations, switch gear, electric furnaces and batteries, etc., which play the role of flexible conduction and flexible grounding. And BRIDGOLD produces tinned copper stranded wires and bare copper stranded wires. What are the advantages of tinned copper stranded wires over bare copper stranded wires?

As we all know, copper products are easily oxidized in the air, especially flexible copper stranded wires. In this way, a large range of contact with the air, the oxidation surface is wider. The oxide layer may lead to an increase in resistivity, and at the same time, the phenomenon of blackening after oxidation of copper makes the product unattractive, so tin plating is the better choice.

So what other benefits or benefits does tin plating have? The surface of the copper stranded wire is coated with a layer of tin. It will protect the copper wire from being exposed to the air to produce an oxidation reaction, thereby enhancing its corrosion resistance. In this way, our tinned copper stranded wires have a longer service life in outdoor, offshore or more severe environments.