Professional Manufacturer of Factory Price Copper Braided Ground Strap

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The factory price copper braided ground straps use T2 oxygen-free copper rods, which are made of silk through multiple extrusion processes. The surface is bare copper or tin-plated or silver-plated, and then braided into wires. The copper braided wires and copper tubes are cold-pressed. The joint can be a seamless copper tube or a variety of terminal blocks.

Factory price copper braided ground straps are widely used in power transmission and distribution lines, such as power plants, power stations, electrolytic aluminum plants, the automotive industry, non-ferrous metals, graphite carbon, chemical metallurgy and other industries. It is found everywhere in line equipment and non-linear wiring.

As one of the owners of BRIDGOLD, advanced manufacturing technology, strict quality inspection, and high-quality raw material supply. Ensure that the product quality is excellent. Our customers should consider their use environment, required conductivity, heat dissipation, and turbulent environment or other factors when choosing to use factory price copper braided ground straps. At this time, the combination of product characteristics and the use environment has become the decisive point for purchasing.

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