Switch gearCopper Laminated Flexible Shunt

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BRIDGOLD switch gear copper laminated flexible shunt uses high-quality thickness copper foil. BRIDGOLD selects and processes materials according to the width, length, aperture size, and special technology of contact surface provided by customers. The current carrying capacity of the copper laminated flexible shunt is only a reference value in use.

Production process: The copper laminated flexible shunts are pressed together, and molecular diffusion welding is adopted, and the pressure welding is performed by high current heating. The thickness of copper foil is subject to the actual requirements of customers and products.

Advantages of switch gearcopper laminated flexible shunt: good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance can increase electrical conductivity, adjust equipment installation errors, colleagues play a role in shock absorption compensation, facilitate experiments and equipment maintenance, copper laminated flexible shunt market is growing . Due to the obvious advantages of copper laminated flexible shunt, it is widely used in connection and installation of transformers, generators and bus bars, and rectifier equipment. It is mainly used in non-horizontal charged motion and high current conductive equipment such as medium and low voltage circuit breakers.